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Himadri Majumdar


Himadri Majumdar is the Co-founder and chief executive of SemiQon. SemiQon builds silicon-based quantum processors for the million-qubit era. Prior to co-founding SemiQon he was the Program Manager for Quantum Technologies at VTT. In his role he helped companies in quantum technology domain - especially fabless start-ups - to utilize VTT’s R&D expertise and infrastructure in quantum technologies. Himadri was also a founding member of the Finnish Quantum technologies ecosystem, InstituteQ, and led the business arm of the ecosystem, BusinessQ. His ambition is to see SemiQon, and quantum technology in general, becoming a Finnish and global success story through cooperation and strategic partnerships. Himadri has 20 years of experience in innovation and innovation management and is also trained as an experimental physicist.


SemiQon’s mission is to realise the promise of quantum computing by delivering scalability through powerful, resilient, and cost-effective quantum processors. SemiQon’s technology builds upon decades of development and know-how from the semiconductor industry, making its silicon processors commercially competitive and well-suited for mass-manufacturing. SemiQon is a spin-off from VTT, Finland and it operates at the Micronova Center for Applied Micro and Nanotechnology in Espoo, Finland.

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