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Elisabetta Valiante


Elisabetta Valiante has been a member of the Optimization Solutions Team at 1QBit since 2018. She is experienced in optimization problems in chemistry, biochemistry, and finance, as well as benchmarking quantum and quantum-inspired optimization algorithms and hardware.


Elisabetta graduated in Physics in her home country at the Sapienza University of Rome. She earned a PhD from the Ludwig Maximilian University with a dissertation on galaxy evolution, and had postdoctoral appointments at the University of British Columbia and Cardiff University. She was the leader of the first major world data release of the Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey (H-ATLAS).


Elisabetta has published and co-authored scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and has presented at many international conferences (for example, the XXIX International Astronomical Union General Assembly) and colloquia.

A passionate mentor, she recently participated in the “Girls and STEAM” event at Science World in Vancouver, BC.


Elisabetta currently resides in Vancouver, BC with her partner and her cat.

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