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Srinjoy Ganguly

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Srinjoy Ganguly is the founder & CEO of AdroitERA an EdTech firm which provides training on cutting edge technologies and IBM recognized Quantum Educator. He possesses a Masters in Quantum Computing Technologies from Technical University of Madrid, Spain and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Southampton, UK. He has over 4+ years of experience in Quantum Computing and 5+ years of experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI. He has completed research-based courses on 5G signal processing systems from IIT Kanpur. He led, mentored and taught Quantum Machine Learning (QML) study space at QResearch QWorld and authored a book on Quantum Computing with Silq Programming. He has conducted Faculty Development Training at IIIT Pune by special invitation, gave expert talks on QML at IEEE SPS and has conducted several webinars at various institutes related to QML and Quantum Computing. He has been specially appointed and invited by Woxsen University as a Visiting Faculty to teach Quantum Computing to MBA students. He has also supervised research interns on QNLP, ZX calculus and Quantum Music as a part of QIntern 2021. His research interests include Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP), Graphical Calculus for Quantum Computing (ZX Calculus) and Quantum Image Processing. 

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