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Dr. Sebastian Weidt

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Dr Sebastian Weidt is the Co-founder and CEO of Universal Quantum - a UK company developing the world’s first million qubit quantum computer. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Quantum Technologies at the University of Sussex, with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of quantum computing. During this time, Sebastian co-created the first scalable quantum computer blueprint, which involved inventing a pioneering approach to building a million-qubit machine. 

This ion trap-based architecture uses unique, electronic quantum computing modules based on silicon technology where individual modules are 
connected using ultrafast electric field links. Using currently available engineering, the beauty of this quantum computer blueprint lies in its scalability and ability to build a million-qubit machine - the threshold where you can unlock ‘useful’ applications in areas such as medicine, materials science and much more.  Previously, Sebastian worked as a business consultant in Berlin before completing his PhD and postdoctoral research fellowship

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