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Dr. Lewis E. Johnson

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Chief Scientific Officer at NLM Photonics

Dr. Lewis E. Johnson has 15 years of experience in nanotechnology, computational chemistry, and materials design, and he is passionate about making a better future. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at NLM Photonics, a pioneering photonics company developing computing and networking solutions and devices, based in Seattle and Paris.


Dr. Johnson has published over 30 scientific papers, secured two patents (with others pending), and given numerous conference presentations. He’s the co-author of the non-fiction book Understanding Nanomaterials Second Editon with Dr. Malkiat S. Johal.


In addition to NLM, Dr. Johnson is a Research Scientist at the University of Washington (UW) Department of Chemistry. He has extensive experience transferring academic research in technology into the private sector. Dr. Johnson has done postdoctoral research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and taught and conducted postdoctoral research at Pomona College. He has a dual Ph.D. in Chemistry and Nanotechnology from UW. Dr. Johnson lives in Seattle with his cat Daisy. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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