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Dr. Deborah Berebichez

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Deborah Berebichez is a Lead Scientist in Microelectronics and Quantum Computing at VTT, one of Europe’s leading research institutes. Her responsibilities include setting the research agenda for VTT’s quantum computer and for its quantum-adjacent technologies. Her main focus is to build relationships with potential client companies who plan to use VTT’s quantum facilities to create innovative products.


Deborah Berebichez is the first Mexican woman to graduate from Stanford University with a Ph.D. in Physics. Deborah’s work in quantum technologies is solidified by her academic background: her physics Ph.D. adviser at Stanford was Nobel Laureate Bob Laughlin who discovered the fractional quantum Hall effect. She also worked with Nobel Laureate Steve Chu on cooling atoms with laser light. She completed two postdoctoral fellowships at Columbia University's Applied Math and Physics Department and at NYU's Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences where she carried out research in the area of waves and optimization. She published in the area of photonics for quantum computing. Deborah’s work in science education and outreach has been recognized by the WSJ, Oprah, TED,

DLD, WIRED, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and others.

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